Quantcast Column 5 - TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT
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TM 10-3930-664-24 e. Column 5 - TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT.  Column 5 specifies, by code, those common tool sets (not individual tools) and special tools, TMDE, and support equipment required to perform the designated function. f. Column 6 - REMARKS.  This column shall, when applicable, contain a letter code, in alphabetical order, which shall be keyed to the remarks contained in Section IV. B-4. EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS IN TOOL AND TEST EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS, SECTION III. a. Column 1 - TOOL OR TEST EQUIPMENT REFERENCE CODE.  The tool and test equipment reference code correlates with a code used in the MAC, Section II, Column 5. b. Column 2 - MAINTENANCE CATEGORY.  The lowest category of maintenance authorized to use the tool or test equipment. c. Column 3 - NOMENCLATURE.  Name or identification of the tool or test equipment. d. Column 4 - NATIONAL / NATO STOCK NUMBER.  The national or NATO stock number of the tool or test equipment. e. Column 5 - TOOL NUMBER.  The manufacturer’s part number. B-5. EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS IN REMARKS, SECTION IV. a. Column I - REFERENCE CODE.  The code recorded in Section II, Column 6. b. Column 2 - REMARKS.  This column lists information pertinent to the maintenance function being performed as indicated in the MAC, Section II. B-3

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