Quantcast REMOVAL - TM-10-3930-664-24_837
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TM 10-3930-664-24 WARNING Axle    case    is    heavy    and    awkward. Enlist  the  help  of  an  assistant  when removing  from  axle  to  prevent  injury to personnel and damage to components. CAUTION Use care when removing axle case to prevent damage to articulation shaft. 3. While holding axle case (6) in place, remove sixteen nuts (8) from studs (7). 4. Carefully remove axle case (6) from studs (7). 5. Remove mechanical stop(10)from intermediate cover (34) by removing bolt (11).  Remove bolt (12) and nut (13). 6. Remove screw (14), washer (15), seal (16), lever (17), and seal (18).  Discard seals. 7. Loosen setscrew (19) and remove spacer (20) from intermediate cover (34).  Remove and discard O-ring (21). 8. Remove remote control lever (22) from intermediate cover (34). WARNING Use caution when working with compressed     air.          Use     only     with effective personnel protective equipment     (goggles/shield,     gloves, etc.).  Do not direct airstream towards self or other personnel. 9. Apply 45 to 80 psi. air pressure to brake fittings to force  pistons  (31)  from intermediate cover (34). Remove retaining ring (33) and packing (32). 4-101

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