Quantcast installation - TM-10-3930-664-24_828
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TM 10-3930-664-24 7. Install  new  O-ring  (8)  onto  bevel  gear  shaft  (18). Install nut (5) and torque to 192 to 222 ft-lbs.  (260 to 300 N•m). 8. Install large bevel gear (1) onto differential case (2). 9. Apply loctite to threads of twelve new bolts (3) and install with washers (4).  Torque bolts to 46 to 53 ft- lbs.  (69 to 72 N•m). 10.    Install differential gear case (para.  4-32). 11.    Measure  from   center-line   of   axle   to   shoulder   of closed end pinion bearing to determine bevel pinion (7) mounting distance.  Compare this measurement with    factory    recommended    mounting    distance recorded during removal. 12.    Remove   bevel   pinion   components   and   add   or subtract    shims    (14,    16)    until    actual    mounting distance  matches  factory  recommended mounting distance. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: None END OF TASK 4-92

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