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TM 10-3930-664-24 3. Rotate  shaft  (15)  as  required  to  align  pin  hole  on shaft   with   matching   hole   in   gear   case   (6).      Fully install shaft. 4. Insert pin (14) into gear case (6).  Using a soft head hammer and pin punch, drive pin half-way into shaft (15)  to  secure  shaft  in  case.    Depth  from  face  of case to top of pins shall be 33 mm. 5. Repeat  steps  1  through  4  for  two  short  shafts  (16) and remaining pinion gears and friction washers. 6. Install bearing cone (8) onto sprocket (10). 7. Install differential gear (13), friction washer (12), and thrust bearing (11) into gear case (6). 8. Apply  loctite  to  threads  of  twelve  bolts  (9).    Install sprocket (10) onto gear case and secure using bolts. Torque bolts to 52 to 55 ft-lbs (70 to 75 Nm). 9. Carefully install assembled differential gear case (1) into axle housing (2). 10.  Carefully install intermediate cover (5) onto studs (3). Install   two   shouldered   studs   (4)   into   intermediate cover. 11.  Install axle case (1) onto studs (3, 4).  Install sixteen nuts (2) onto studs and torque to 25 ft-lbs.  (34 Nm). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install tie rod (para.  4-30) END OF TASK 4-73

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