Quantcast INSTALLATION (cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_800
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TM 10-3930-664-24 15.  Install  seals  (22,  23)  onto  clutch  piston  (21).    Inner seal   (23)   must   be   sized   before   installing      piston. Hold    a    round    object  against  new  seal  and  rotate piston until seat is flush with groove. CAUTION Use  care  when  installing  piston  (21) to prevent damage to seals. 16.  Install  clutch  piston  (21)  and  wear  plate  (20)  onto shaft (6). NOTE Disc  washers  are  installed  as  a  set. Do  not  intermix  with  sets  from  other clutches.  Replace disc washers as a set. 17.  Install  first  disc  washer  (19)  with  large  diameter  of bevel  toward  wear  plate  (20).    Alternate  remaining four disc washers.  Install retainer (18). 18.  Compress  disc  washers  (19)  and  install  snap  ring (17) using pliers. 19.  Install  six  inner  discs  (15),  six  outer  discs  (16),  and clutch end plate (14) onto shaft (6). 20.  Install snap ring (13) into ring groove. 21.  Stand clutch assembly on end.   Discs will fall to end plate  (14).      Measure  distance  between  piston  (21) and outer disc (16) by inserting a feeler gage through slots   in   clutch   drum.      Distance   shall   be   0.048   to 0.102 in.   (1.22 to 2.74 mm). 22.  If clearance is greater than specified, add one outer disc (16) under end plate (38). 23.  Install  inner  thrust  washer   (12),   bearing   (11),   and outer thrust washer (10) onto shaft (6). 4-64

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