Quantcast INSTALLATION - TM-10-3930-664-24_788
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TM 10-3930-664-24 13. Install   flange   bushings   (4,   5)   into   front   output flange (2) as shown in figure. 14. a  light  coat  of  loctite  577  to  outer  edge  of  plug (3) and install plug into output flange (2). 15. Apply  a  light  coat  of  loctite  641  to  O.D.    of  oil seal (9).  Press oil seal into seal sleeve (7).  Seal must  be  flush  with  one  side  of  sleeve.    Lip  of seal must be in. 16. Install new O-ring (8) onto seal sleeve (7). 17. Install seal sleeve (7), oil seal (9), snap ring (1), and bearing (6) onto output flange (2). 18. Install  retaining  ring  (10)  into  groove  on  output flange (2). 19. Position  front  output  flange  (2)  onto  rear  flange shaft. 20. Using   pliers,   squeeze   ends   of   snap   ring   (1) together  and  tap  flange  until  snap  ring  can  seat in ring groove. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install clutch assemblies (para. 4-20) END OF TASK 4-52

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