Quantcast INSTALLATION - TM-10-3930-664-24_771
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TM 10-3930-664-24 D. INSTALLATION 1. Mate  new  gasket  (4)  to  cylinder  block.  Ensure bolt holes align. 2. Install   engine   gear   housing   (1)   onto   cylinder block  using  sixteen  screws  (2)  and  ten  screws (3).  Torque screws to 18 ft-lbs.  (24 Nm). 3. Install  cover  plate  (5)  and  new  seal  (7)  using screw (6). 4. Install        camshaft            in        accordance            with paragraph 4-13. NOTE Location of timing pin on gear housing is critical   for   correct   engine   adjustment. Follow    procedures    exactly    to    ensure timing    pin    corresponds    to    top    dead center (TDC) for cylinder 1. 5. Install  rocker  levers  and  exhaust  push  rod  for cylinder  1  in  accordance  with  paragraph  3-13. Adjust    exhaust    rocker    lever    to    zero     valve clearance. 6. Temporarily         install         crankshaft         pulley. Fabricate and install a wire pointer as shown. 7. Rotate crankshaft 1/4 rotation to the left. 8. Tighten  adjusting  screw  for  exhaust  valve  two complete rotations. 4-35

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