Quantcast INSTALLATION (cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_767
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TM 10-3930-664-24 2. Install key (5) into camshaft (4).  Install camshaft gear (3) over key and onto camshaft. 3. Apply Lubriplate 105 to camshaft lobes, journals, and camshaft support.   Apply Lubriplate 105 to camshaft bores. 4. Align  timing  marks  on  crankshaft  gear  and  camshaft  gear.    Carefully  insert  assembled  camshaft  gear  (3)  and camshaft (4) into cylinder block. 5. Install screws (1) into camshaft support (2) to secure camshaft gear (3) and camshaft (4).  Torque screws to 18 ft- lbs.  (24 Nm). 6. Check   camshaft   for   proper   backlash   and   end play.    End  play  (dimension  A)  shall  be  0.006  to 0.010   in.      (0.152   to   0.254   mm).      Backlash (dimension  B)  shall  be  0.005  to  0.013  in.    (0.12 to 0.33 mm). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install fuel lift transfer pump (para.  2-25) Install push rods (para.  3-15) Install engine gear cover (para.  3-12) Install oil suction connection (para.  3-17) END OF TASK 4-31

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