Quantcast CLEANING - TM-10-3930-664-24_765
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TM 10-3930-664-24 5. Reach   into   cylinder   block   and   remove   valve tappets (6) from bores. B. CLEANING Clean   camshaft   gear,   camshaft,   and   valve   tappets   in accordance with paragraph 1-24. C. INSPECTION 1. Conduct   overall   inspection   of   camshaft   gear, camshaft,    valve    tappets,    cylinder    block,    and related components in accordance with paragraph 1-24. 2. Inspect camshaft lift pump lobe, valve lobes, and bearing journals for wear, cracking, or pitting. 3. Inspect    camshaft    gear    teeth    for    wear    and damage.    Inspect  for broken or chipped teeth. Check for cracks at the root of each tooth. 4. Measure            camshaft         journal         diameter. Diameter shall be at least 2.125 in.  (53.96 mm). 5. Measure valve lobe diameter. Minimum diameter  at  peak  of  intake  valve  lobe  shall  be 1.852  in.    (47.04  mm).    Minimum  diameter  at peak  of  exhaust  valve  lobe  shall  be  1.841  in. (46.77 mm). 6. Measure lift pump lobe diameter.  Diameter shall be at least 1.398 in.  (35.50 mm). 7. Inspect camshaft bore for damage  or  excessive wear.        Bore    I.D.      shall  be    a  maximum  of 2.131   in.      (54.13   mm).      Replace   bushing   if beyond limit. 4-29

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