Quantcast INSTALLATION (cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_761
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TM 10-3930-664-24 7. Top   surface   of   each   ring   in   set   is   identified. Assemble  with  the  word  TOP  or  supplier  mark up. 8. Position  oil  expander  ring  (14)  in  oil  control  ring groove  (bottom  groove).    Install  oil  control  ring (15)  with  end  gap  opposite  ends  on  expander ring. 9. Install  top  and  intermediate  rings  (16,  17)  into appropriate    grooves.        Position    ring    gaps    as shown  in  figure.    Make  sure  ring  gaps  do  not align with center of piston pin or along center line of connecting rod. 10. Bar crankshaft so that rod journal for piston to be installed is at bottom dead center (BDC). 11. Install upper bearing halves into connecting rods. Lubricate   bearing   halves  with Lubriplate 105. 12. Lubricate  piston  skirt,  rings,  and  cylinder   bore with clean lubricating oil. 13. Compress rings (15, 16, 17) using ring compressor. 4-25

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