Quantcast INSPECTION - TM-10-3930-664-24_759
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TM 10-3930-664-24 C.    INSPECTION 1. Conduct general inspection of pistons, pins, and connecting rods in accordance with paragraph 1- 24. 2. Inspect pistons for damage and excessive wear. Inspect top, ring grooves, skirt, and pin bore  for chips or cracks. 3. Measure   piston   skirt   diameter   (dimension   A). Minimum  diameter  shall  be  4.0088  in.(101.823 mm). 4. Use  a  new  piston  ring  to  measure  clearance  in ring grooves.  Maximum clearance for each ring groove shall be as follows: a. Top groove: 0.006 in (0.150 mm). b. Intermediate groove: 0.006 in (0.150 mm). c. Oil    control    groove    (bottom):    0.005    in (0.130 mm). 4. Measure    pin    bore    in    piston    (dimension    B). Maximum  diameter  shall  be  1.5758  in.  (40.025 mm). 5. Inspect piston pin for nicks, gouges, or excessive      wear.            Measure      pin      diameter (dimension   C).      Minimum    diameter    shall    be 1.5744 in.  (39.990 mm). 4-23

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