Quantcast  INSTALLATION (cont)
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TM 10-3930-664-24 3. Install      upper      bearing      halves        (6)        onto connecting   rods   (2).      Lubricate   bearings   with Lubricate 105. 4. Ensure main bearings are installed in block  and main  bearing  caps.    Carefully  install  crankshaft (5) into cylinder block. 5. Lightly  lubricate  screws  (8)  with  lubricating  oil. Install main bearing caps (7) onto cylinder block using    screws.        Torque    screws    in    sequence shown in three steps: a. Step 1: 44 ft-lbs (60 Nm). b. Step 2: 88 ft-lbs (119 Nm). c. Step 3: 129 ft-lbs (176 Nm). 6. Manually rotate crankshaft (5) to ensure smooth operation.    If  crankshaft  does  not  rotate  freely, remove crankshaft and inspect main bearings. 7. Install lower bearing halves (4) into lower halves of  connecting  rods  (1).    Lubricate  bearings  with Lubricate 105. 8. Lightly  lubricate  screws  (3)  with  lubricating  oil. Install  lower  halves  of  connecting  rods  (1)  onto upper  halves  (2)  using  screws.    Tighten  screws in three steps: a. Step 1:  26 ft-lbs (35 Nm). b. Step 2:  52 ft-lbs (71 Nm). c. Step 3:  74 ft-lbs (100 Nm). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install oil suction connection (para.  3-15) Install flywheel housing (para.  3-10) Install engine gear cover (para.  3-12) Install gear housing (para.  4-16) END OF TASK 4-17

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