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TM 10-3930-664-24 4. Inspect  main  bearing  caps  for  dents,  cracks,  or other damage. NOTE Main   bearings   must   be   removed   in order   to   determine   journal   diameter (dimension  A).    Remove  bearings  in accordance    with    paragraph    4-10    if measurement is desired. 5. Measure main bearing journal diameter (dimension A).  Diameter shall be at least 3.266 in.  (82.96 mm). 6. Measure connecting rod journal diameter (dimension B).  Diameter shall be at least 2.715 in.  (68.96 mm). 7. Out  of  round  shall  not  exceed  0.002  in.    (0.050 mm)  for  any  journal.    Maximum  taper  shall  be 0.0005 in.  (0.013 mm). D.  INSTALLATION WARNING Use   care   when   handling   hot   gear. Wear   gloves   at   all   times.      Do   not overheat gear as damage will occur. 1. Install locating pin (10) into crankshaft (5). 2. Heat crankshaft gear (9) at 300 degrees F for 45 minutes.  Remove gear from over and mate   to crankshaft,   ensuring  proper alignment with pin. 4-16

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