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TM 10-3930-664-24 Section III.  ENGINE MAINTENANCE Paragraph Title Page Number Number 4-7 Engine Assembly / Cylinder Block Repair 4-9 4-8 Cylinder Head Assembly (with Valves) Repair 4-10 4-9 Crankshaft Replacement 4-14 4-10 Crankshaft Main Bearing Replacement 4-18 4-11 Piston, Piston Pin, and Ring Replacement 4-21 4-12 Connecting Rod and Bearing Replacement 4-27 4-13 Camshaft Replacement 4-28 4-14 Timing Pin Replacement 4-32 4-15 Engine Gear Housing Replacement 4-34 4-16 Tappet Replacement 4-37 4-7.  ENGINE ASSEMBLY / CYLINDER BLOCK REPAIR This task covers: Repair INITIAL SETUP: Equipment Condition: Engine assembly and transmission removed (para.  3-6) A.  REPAIR Repair  of  the  engine  assembly  at  the  General  Support  maintenance  level  is  limited  to  removal  and  replacement  of component parts.  Refer to engine tasks in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 for removal and replacement procedures. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install engine and transmission (para.  3-6) END OF TASK 4-9

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