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TM 10-3930-664-24 4. Remove nut (4) from rod assembly (2).  Remove piston (5) and gland (8). 5. Remove  and  discard  wear  ring  (6),  piston  seal (7), O-ring (9), backup ring (10), seal (11), wiper (12), and O-ring (13). B. DISASSEMBLY OF MAIN LIFT CYLINDER 1. Place    cylinder    clevis    in    a    vice    with    clevis perpendicular   to   vise   jaws.      Support   cylinder barrel (14).  Pull rod assembly (17) out of barrel until completely extended. 2. Using   a   screwdriver,   pry   up   lockwire   (15)   to enable  removal  from  freelift  cylinder.    Using  a spanner     wrench,     unscrew     gland     (16)     until lockwire is completely removed. CAUTION Use care when extracting and handling   rod   assembly   components to prevent damage. 3. Place pin through hole in rod assembly (17) and against vise to keep  rod  assembly  from  turning. Remove   rod   assembly   from   barrel   (14)   and place in a v:  se with soft metal holders. 4. Remove    nut    (18)    from    rod    assembly    (17). Remove piston (19) and gland (16). 5. Remove and  discard  wear  ring  (20),  piston  seal (21), and O-ring (22). 6. Remove  and   discard   O-ring   (23),   backup   ring (24), wiper (25), and seal (26). C.  CLEANING Clean    lift    cylinder    components    in    accordance    with paragraph 1-24. D.  INSPECTION 1. Conduct overall inspection of lift cylinder components in accordance with paragraph 1-24. 2. Inspect used piston seals for signs of scoring.  If seals are scored, examine barrel for damage.  If barrel is scored it must be replaced. 3-225

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