Quantcast ASSEMBLY - TM-10-3930-664-24_709
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TM 10-3930-664-24 3. Apply a light coat of grease to new O-rings (11) and install into gear housing (3). 4. Place   bearing   blocks   (5,   8)   on   a   clean   work surface, E-seals groove facing up. 5. Apply  a  light  coat  of  grease  in  E-seal  grooves and  onto  backs  (flat  side)  of  new  E-seals  (9). Install E-seals and backup rings (10) into bearing blocks (5, 8). 6. Install   front   bearing   block   (8)   onto   mounting flange (4).  E-seal (9) must face flange with open side  of  E-seal  pointing  towards  match  mark  on flange. 7. Apply a light coat of oil on exposed face of front bearing block (8).  Insert drive end of drive gear (7) and insert through bearing  block  and  into  oil seal (14). 8. Insert  idler  shaft  (6)  through  front  bearing  block (8) and into mounting flange (4). 9. Apply a light coat of oil to back face of idler and drive gears (6, 7).  Install rear  bearing  block  (5) onto  gear  shafts,  making  sure  E-seal  face  up and open side of E-seal points towards inlet side of pump. 10. Gently place gear  housing  (3)  over  rear  bearing block  (5).    Slide  gear  housing  down  over  gears (6, 7) and front bearing block (8).  Ensure  marks made  during  disassembly match. 3-204

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