Quantcast CLEANING - TM-10-3930-664-24_704
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TM 10-3930-664-24 2. REMOVE    FAN    BLADE    (12)    AND    MOTOR    (14) FROM  REAR  HOUSING  (5).    REMOVE  HEATER CORES (18). a. Remove   fan   blade   (12)   from   motor   shaft   by loosening setscrew (13). b. Remove  motor  (14)  from  motor  bracket  (15)  by removing nuts (16). c. Remove  motor  bracket  (15)  from  rear  housing (5), if required, by drilling out four rivets. d. Remove  hose   (17)   from   heater   cores   (18)   by loosening hose clamps (19). e. Remove heater cores (18) from rear housing (5). 3. REPLACE   MOTOR   TERMINALS,   AS   REQUIRED, IN ACCORDANCE WITH PARAGRAPH 2-94. B. CLEANING Clean  heater  assembly  components  in  accordance  with paragraph 1-24. C. INSPECTION 1. Conduct    overall    inspection    of    heater    assembly components in accordance with paragraph 1-24. 2. Inspect  fan  motor  for  obvious  damage.    Inspect  for evidence of overheating or shorting. 3. Inspect fan blades for cracks, splits, or bends. 4. Inspect heater hose for cracks, splits,  or  permanent deformation.  Ensure hose is not dried out. D. REPAIR Repair  of  the  heater  assembly  consists  of  removal  and replacement of defective, deformed, or damaged components. 3-199

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