Quantcast INSTALLATION (cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_678
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TM 10-3930-664-24 5. Install  rear  defroster  fan  (29)  onto  right  window frame  and  cab  roof  (5)  using  screws  (30)  and nuts (31). 6. Connect   electrical   wiring   to   rear   defroster   fan (29). 7. Secure   right   window   frame   (25)   to   right   side panel bracket (26) using screw (27) and nut (28). CAUTION Use   care   when   installing   heater   to prevent damage to hoses. 8. Install   heater   (21)   onto   right   side   panel   (22) using screws (23) and nuts (24). CAUTION To avoid damaging front cover assembly,     enlist     the     help     of     an assistant when installing. 9. Mate  front  cover  assembly  (14)  to  ROPS  frame (6).    Secure  using  bolts  (15),  lockwashers  (16), and washers (17). 10. Apply sealant to lips of cylinder slot covers (10). Carefully slide covers and cover seals (12) over tilt  cylinders,  making  sure  not  to  get  sealant  on cylinders. 11. Secure  cylinder  slot  covers  (10)  to  front  cover assembly (14) using fourteen screws (11). 12. Feed  electrical  wiring  through  holes  in  sides  of front  cover  assembly  (14).    Connect  wiring   to upper    flood    lights    (19)    and    lights    on    front fenders.  Secure wiring in clamps (20). 13. Connect    electrical    wiring    to    front    windshield wiper motor (18). 3-173

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