Quantcast REPAIR
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TM 10-3930-664-24 4. Inspect  data  and  information  plates  for  legibility and  security  of  attachment.    If  replacement  is required, record all pertinent data before disposing of plate. D.  REPAIR  . 1. Repair  of  transmission  cover  assemblies consists   of   removal   and   replacement   of defective, deformed, or damaged components. 2. Repair  cover  sheet  metal  in  accordance with TC 9-510. E.  ASSEMBLY 1. INSTALL  LATCH  ASSEMBLY  (23)  AND  DOOR HINGE (29) ONTO LEFT SIDE PLATE. a. Install fuel plate (33) using new rivets (34). b. Install  hinge  (29)  onto  left  side  plate  (30) and  access  door  (26)  using  four  screws (31) and nuts (32). c. Secure  latch  assembly  (23)  onto  access door  (26)  using  screws  (27)  and  washers (28). d. Install pawl (22) onto door latch  assembly (23) using nut (24) and lockwasher (24). 2. INSTALL   OIL   SAMPLING   VALVES   (13),   AIR RESTRICTION INDICATOR (16), AND FITTINGS ONTO RIGHT SIDE PLATE. a. Install    elbow    (20)    and    fitting    (20)    into welded coupling (19). b. Install elbow  and  adapter (18) into welded coupling    (19).        Install        air    restriction indicator (16) onto elbow (17). c. Install  elbows  (15)  into  welded  couplings (14). d. Install oil sampling valves (13) into welded couplings (14). 3-167

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