Quantcast ASSEMBLY - TM-10-3930-664-24_666
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TM 10-3930-664-24 CAUTION Push  valve  spool  (15)  through  housing (2)    only    far    enough    to    expose    seal groove.  Forcing spool beyond that point may damage spool. 2. Carefully    slide    valve    spool    (15)    into    valve housing   (2)   until   seal   groove   is   exposed   at bonnet end of housing.  Install new seal (16). 3. Pull valve spool (15) back toward handle end of housing until seal groove is exposed. Install new seal (16). 4. Insert   valve   spool   (15)   into   valve   housing   (2) using a slight turning motion. NOTE Handle   (12)   is   installed   when   selector valve   is   installed   onto   forklift.      Install handle now only if selector valve will not be installed onto forklift. 5. Install  handle  (12)  onto  valve  spool  (15)  using handle pin (14) and new cotter pin (13). 6. Install  screw  (8),  lockwasher  (9),  washer  (10), and    spool    adapter    (11)    into    valve    housing (2).Torque screw to 8 ft-lbs (11 Nm). 7. Install  bonnet  (1)  onto  valve  housing  (2)  using screws (3). 8. Install cap (4), washer (5), spring (6), and pin (7) into bonnet (1). 9. Test  operation  using  handle.    Spool  shall  move smoothly through housing.  If spool binds, loosen screws   (3),   adjust   position   of   bonnet   (1),   and retighten screws. 10. Remove valve from vise. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install steering selector valve (para.  2-122) END OF TASK 3-161

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