Quantcast FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE - TM-10-3930-664-24_660
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TM 10-3930-664-24 25. Install new seal (8) into meter (6). 26. Align meter star valleys (reference A) with mark on drive (B).  Valleys must align with pin.  Install meter (6). 27. Note parallel relationship of reference lines A, B, C,  and  D.    Align  bolt  holes  without  disengaging meter (6) from drive.  Install drive spacer (7). 28. Install new seal (5) into end cap (3).  Install end cap     onto     meter     (6),     ensuring     proper     hole alignment. 29. Install  seven  cap  screws  (1)  and  seal  washers (2) into end cap (3). 30. Tighten screws (1) to 150 in-lbs.  (17 Nm), then torque screws to 225-275 in-lbs.  (25-30 Nm)  in sequence shown. 31. Remove valve from vise. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install orbital steering valve (para.  2-120) END OF TASK 3-155

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