Quantcast REPAIR (cont)]
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TM 10-3930-664-24 11. Position spool and sleeve assembly (21) so that splined   end   of   spool   enters   15   hole   end   of housing. NOTE When inserting spool and sleeve assembly into housing, ensure that parts do  not  tilt  out  of  position.    Keep  pin  in horizontal position. 12. Insert    spool    and    sleeve    assembly    (21)    into housing using a slight rotating motion.  Push until assembly is flush with 15 hole end of housing. 13. Check  spool  and  sleeve  assembly  (21)  for  free rotation  by  turning  assembly  with  fingertip  force at splined end. 14. Place housing (4), geroter end down, on a clean, lint-free cloth. 15. Install  new  seal  (22).    Install  two  bearing  races (19)  and  needle  thrust  bearing  (20)  onto  spool and sleeve assembly (21). 16. Install   dust   seal   (17)   into   seal   gland   bushing (16).    Smooth  side  of  seal  must  face  towards bushing.  Install quad ring seal (18). 17. Install  seal  gland  bushing  (16)  over  spool  and sleeve  assembly  (21)  with  twisting  motion.Tap bushing in place -using a soft head hammer. 18. Install  retaining  ring  (15)  into  housing  (4).  Pry around  ring  circumference  using  a  thin  bladed screwdriver to seat ring in groove. Use care not to damage surfaces. CAUTION Use  care  when  clamping  valve  in  vise. Housing   distortion   could   result   if   jaws are overtightened. Use protective material on vise jaws to prevent damage. 19. Install valve in vise, meter end up. 3-153

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