Quantcast REPAIR - TM-10-3930-664-24_657
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TM 10-3930-664-24 D.  REPAIR Repair   of   the   steering   valve   consists   of   removal   and replacement of defective, deformed, or damaged components. E.  ASSEMBLY    1. Use   tweezers   or   needle   nose   pliers   to   lower retainer  (33)  into  housing  (4).  Ensure retainer is straight (not tilted).  Install check ball (32). 2. Install  new  seals  (30,  31)  onto  check  ball  seat (29).  Lubricate seat and seals.  Install seat into housing (4), open end of seat first. 3. Install  set  screw  (28)  into  housing  (4).    Use  1/4 inch  hex  key  to  torque  set  screw  to  100  in-lbs (11 Nm). 4. Assemble  spool  (24)  and  sleeve  (25),  ensuring spring  slots  are  properly  aligned.    Some  spool and sleeve sets have identification marks. Align these marks. 5. Test   spool   and   sleeve   assembly   (21)   for   free rotation.    Spool  (24)  should  rotate  smoothly  in sleeve (25) with fingertip force applied at splined end. 6. Align spring slots and stand parts on bench. 7. Assemble all six centering springs (26) on bench so  that  extended  edges  are  down  and  arched center sections are together. 8. Insert  two  outer  springs  (26)  into  spring  slots  of spool and sleeve assembly (21). Insert remaining springs one at a time between the two outer springs until all springs are in the spool and sleeve assembly. 9. Center  spring  set  in  spring  slot.    Seat  springs evenly,   flush   with   upper   surface   of   spool   and sleeve assembly (21). 10. Push  pin  (23)  into  spool  and  sleeve  assembly (21) until pin is flush on both sides. 3-152

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