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TM 10-3930-664-24 D. INSTALLATION WARNING Front  axle  assembly  is  very  heavy  and awkward.      Enlist   the   help   of   an   aide when  installing  onto  chassis  to  prevent injury    to    personnel    and    damage    to components. 1. Install    rear    axle    bushing    (9)    onto    rear    axle assembly (4). 2. Install axle flange (10) and front axle bushing (8). Torque to 190 to 220 in-lbs (22 to 25 Nm). 3. Place rear axle assembly (4) under chassis and center on top of floor jack. 4. Connect  right  hand  steering  hose  to  rear  axle assembly fitting. NOTE Using match marks, mate lower trunnions to original upper trunnions. 5. Raise   floor   jack   until   rear   axle   assembly   (4) mates with upper trunnions (5).  Secure rear axle assembly  using  lower  trunnions  (7)  and  screws (6).  Torque screws (6) to 260 ft-lbs. 6. Connect  brake  lines  to  rear  axle  in  accordance with paragraph 2-112, Step 5. 7. Install  wheels  (2)  onto  planet  gear  carriers  (3). Install lug nuts (1) and tighten. 8. Raise unit and remove jack stands.  Lower unit. Torque  lug  nuts  (1)  in  a  criss-cross  pattern  to 300 ft-lbs (407 Nm). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install counterweight (para.  2-124) Install rear drive shaft (para.  2-99) Connect steering lines (para.  2-119) Bleed rear brakes (para.  2-104) END OF TASK 3-136

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