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TM 10-3930-664-24 WARNING Rear  axle  assembly  is  very  heavy  and awkward.      Enlist   the   help   of   an   aide when  removing  from  chassis  to  prevent injury    to    personnel    and    damage    to components. 3. Place    floor    jack    under    center    of    rear    axle assembly (4).  Raise floor jack until it meets rear axle assembly. 4. Match     mark     upper     trunnions     (5)     to     lower trunnions (7) to ensure similar installation. 5. Release    rear    axle    assembly    (4)    from    upper trunnions  (5)  by  removing  screws  (6)  and  lower trunnions (7). 6. Lower  floor  jack  until  rear  axle  assembly  (4)  is clear   of   upper   trunnions   (5).      Pull   rear   axle assembly (4) out from rear of chassis. 7. Remove   rear   axle   bushing   (9)   from   rear   axle assembly (4). 8. Remove axle flange (10) and front axle bushing (8). B. CLEANING Clean rear axle assembly in accordance with paragraph 1-24. C. INSPECTION 1. Perform overall inspection of rear axle assembly components in accordance with paragraph 1-24. 2. Inspect    all    hydraulic    fittings    for    evidence    of leakage.  Tighten fittings as required. 3. Inspect for evidence of leakage at plugs. Tighten plugs as required. 4. Inspect  steering  case  pivot  pins  for  evidence  of leakage.  Check for signs of excessive wear and evidence of rubbing. 5. Inspect tie rods for obvious damage.  Ensure tie rod   ends   are   securely   fastened.      Tighten   as required. 3-135

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