Quantcast Figure 2-2.  Vehicle DCA Connector
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TM 10-3930-664-24 Figure 2-2.  Vehicle DCA Connector f. The GO and NO-GO-Chain sequences are presented as illustrated flow charts with test branching controlled  by YES  and  NO  decisions.    Generally,  a  YES  determination  leads  to  the  next  test;  a  NO  determination  leads  to  NO-GO testing and corrective action. g. When the VTM interfaces with the vehicle through the DCA connector the test is titled DCA Mode Testing.  If the VTM interfaces with the vehicle through the use of the Transducer Kit (TK), the test is titled TK Mode Testing.  The DCA and TK testing modes can be used at the same time. h. Rules For Following GO-Chain Test Sequence. (1) Always start at GO1.  Never enter the middle of a GO or NO-GO testing sequence unless directed by the flow chart. (2) Follow each instruction in a GO-Chain Test Sequence.  Do not skip any instructions or procedures. (3) If  a  particular  test  has  failed  in  a  GO-Chain  test  sequence,  proceed  to  the  indicated  NO-GO-Chain  test sequence or to a higher level of maintenance. (4) After correcting a vehicle problem, repeat the testing beginning at GO1. (5) Each GO Chain testing sequence depends upon the completion of the previous test.   Do not skip any tests. 2-14

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