Quantcast INSTALLATION - TM-10-3930-664-24_613
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TM 10-3930-664-24 D.  INSTALLATION 1. Insert  oil  distributor  sleeves  (21,  22)  into  bores in    converter    housing    (5).      Ensure  notches  in sleeves align with setscrew holes. CAUTION Ensure loctite does not enter holes in setscrews    (20)    or    sleeves    will    be damaged. 2. Tap   in   distributor   sleeves   (21,   22)   using   soft head  hammer.    Apply  loctite  243  to  threads  of setscrews (20) and install. 3. Apply  loctite  592  to  threads  of  four  plugs  (19). Install plugs into converter housing (5). 4. Apply a light coat of permatex sealant to O.D.  of oil   seal   (18).      Install   oil   seal   into   converter housing (5) with lip of seal facing in. 5. Apply  clean  lubricating  oil  to  new  O-rings  (15, 17).    Install  O-rings  with  oil  distributor  ring  (16), ensuring that distributor ring is installed with long hub facing oil seal. 6. Press bearing (14) into converter housing (5). 7. Install idler shaft (11) and thrust washer (13) into converter housing (5).  Install pin (12). 8. Install   idler   gear   (9),   gear   bearing   (10),   and thrust washer (8) onto idler shaft (11). 3-108

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