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TM 10-3930-664-24 12. Install through bolt (5),  washers  (6,  7),  and  new O-ring (8). 13. lead wire (4) onto stud (3).  Secure using nut (1) and washer. F.  PERFORMANCE TESTING 1. Install  starter  motor  in  test  set-up  as  shown  in figure.  Clamp starter securely in a vise. 2. Connect  positive  lead  of  battery  and  lead  from ammeter    to    starter    terminal    50.    Connect negative lead to starter body. 3. Starter   motor   shall   show   smooth   and   steady rotation.  Pinion shall draw less than 90 amps. 4. Remove starter motor from test set-up. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install starter motor (para.  2-57) END OF TASK 3-102

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