Quantcast ASSEMBLY (cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_606
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TM 10-3930-664-24 7. Pack   bearings   (17,   18)   with   grease.      Press bearings into armature (15). 8. Insert  armature  (1S)  into  yoke  housing  (16). Carefully    mate    yoke    housing    to    magnetic switch   (23).      Ensure   tab   on   yoke   engages notch in magnetic switch. 9. Install  two  brushes  attached  to  brush   holder (14)   into   brush   holder.      Install   two   brushes attached  to  armature  (15)   into   brush   holder. Ensure    positive    brush    lead    wires    are    not grounded. CAUTION Use    care    when    installing    brush holder  (14)  to  prevent  damage.    Do not allow oil to contact brush holder components. 10. brush holder (14) into yoke housing (16). 11. end  frame  (13)  to  yoke  housing  (16).    Ensure tab on bottom of end frame engages lead wire grommet.  Secure end frame using screw (11) and washer (12) sets. 3-101

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