Quantcast ASSEMBIY
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TM 10-3930-664-24 F. ASSEMBIY 1. Insert one lead of excitation winding into groove in collector rings (27).  Using an arbor press, install collector rings onto rotor (20). 2. Solder leads of excitation winding to collector rings (27).  Turn down soldered joint on both rings until rings are even. 3. Press bearing (26) onto rotor (20).  Install new O-ring (25). 4. Press bearings (23) into drive end shield (22).  Install cover plate (24) and secure using four screws (19). 5. Place drive end shield (22) on arbor press.  Insert rotor (20) into bearing (23) and press into place. 6. Install insulator caps (18) on B+ and D+ terminals mounted to rectifier plate (9).  Install rectifier plate (9) into ring end shield (11).Secure  rectifier  plate  using three screw and washer sets (12). 7. Install insulators (17), spring washers (15), insulating washers (16), washers (14), and nuts (13). 8. Place stator (10) against rectifier plate (9).  Match markings on stator, rectifier plate,  and ring end shield (11). CAUTION Do not use excessive solder.  Too much solder can cause short-circuit bridges. 9. Solder connection wires of stator (10).  Ensure connection wires will not contact rotor once rotor is installed. 3-93

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