Quantcast ASSEMBLY - TM-10-3930-664-24_583
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TM 10-3930-664-24 2. Install  pipe  nipple  (14),  shutoff  ball  valve  (13), and elbows (12, 15).  Install drain plug (16). 3. Install    air    breather    (11)    into    fuel    tank    (6). Breather must be installed so that opening faces correct direction (see figure). 4. Install    new    gasket    (10)    onto    fuel    tank    (6), ensuring proper hole alignment. CAUTION Use    care    when    installing    fuel    level sending  unit  (8)  to  prevent  damage  to level rod (9). 5. Carefully  insert  fuel  level  sending  unit  (8)  into fuel  tank  (6),  making  sure  not  to  bend  level  rod (9).    Apply  loctite  to  threads  of  screws  (7)  and install. 6. Install new gaskets (4) and strainer (5). 7. Install  cap  (1)  and  flange  (2)  onto  fuel  tank  (6). Secure using six screws (3). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install fuel tank (para.  3-22) END OF TASK 3-78

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