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TM 10-3930-664-24 2. Inspect   three   neoprene   rubber   pads   (13)   for damage, deterioration, or permanent set. Replace pads as required. D.  INSTALLATION 1. INSTALL FUEL TANK (11) ONTO CHASSIS. WARNING Fuel tank is heavy and awkward.  Enlist the help of an assistant during installation to prevent injury to personnel and damage to components. a. Ensure  drain  plug  is  installed  and  secure in bottom of fuel tank (11). b. Carefully  place  fuel  tank  (11)  onto  three rubber pads (13). c. Secure  fuel  tank  (11)  using  three  screws (8),  six  washers  (9),  and  three  lock  nuts (10). 2. CONNECT   ELECTRICAL   WIRING   TO   FUEL LEVEL SENDER (7). 3. CONNECT RETURN HOSE ASSEMBLY (4) TO ELBOW (5). 4. CONNECT  SUPPLY  HOSE  ASSEMBLY  (1)  TO ELBOW (2). 5. SERVICE     FUEL     TANK     WITH APPROVED FUEL.      CHECK   FOR   LEAKS   AND   TIGHTEN CONNECTIONS AS REQUIRED. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install left rear fender (para.  2-134) END OF TASK 3-75

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