Quantcast CLEANING - TM-10-3930-664-24_567
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TM 10-3930-664-24 3. Loosen hold-down nut (6) using second wrench. 4. Carefully  remove  fuel  injector   from   cylinder   head bore. B. CLEANING Clean fuel injector in accordance with paragraph 1-24. C. INSPECTION Inspect fuel injector in accordance with paragraph 1-24. D. INSTALLATION 1. Remove and discard old copper washer (7). Apply a light  coat  of  oil  to  new  washer  and  install  onto  fuel injector. 2. Apply  anti-seize  compound  to  threads  of  hold-down nut (6). 3. Install  fuel  injector  into  cylinder  head  bore.  Ensure protrusion  on   side   of   nozzle   (A)   fits   into   notch   in cylinder head (B). 4. Place  18  mm  wrench  on  flats  at  top  of  fuel  injector body (5) to hold body in place. Torque hold-down nut (6) to 44 ft-lbs (60 N•m). 5. Install  fuel  drain  line  (1)  to  four  fuel  injectors  (2) using    banjo    connector    screws    (3)    and    banjo connector seals (4).  Torque screws to 11 ft-lbs (15 N•m). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install high pressure fuel lines (para.  2-27) END OF TASK 3-62

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