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TM 10-3930-664-24 3-12.  ENGINE GEAR COVER REPLACEMENT This task covers: Removal, Cleaning, Inspection, and Installation INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Test Equipment: General Mechanics Tool Kit (1, App.  E) Torque Wrench (32, App.  E) Soft-Head Hammer (23, App.  E) Materials / Parts: Equipment Condition: Engine Oil (14, App.  C) Fan blade and fan pulley removed Loctite 277 (23, App.  C) (para.  2-52) Gasket, Item 10 (1 ea.) Drive belt removed (para.  2-54) Seal Replacement Kit (1 ea.) Accelerator slave cylinder removed (para.  2-43) A.  REMOVAL 1. Disconnect RPM sensor (11). 2. Remove    crankshaft    pulley    (1)    by    removing screws (2). 3. Remove gear cover (4) from gear housing (5) by removing   sixteen   screws   (6),   ten   screws   (7), screw (8), and belt retainer (9). 4. Support front gear cover (4).  Drive seal (3) from back   side   of   gear   cover.      Use   care   not   to damage  O.D.    of  seal  and  I.D.    of  gear  cover hole. 5. Remove   and   discard   gasket   (10).      Ensure   all gasket  material  is  removed  from  gear  cover  (4) and gear housing (5). B.  CLEANING Clean    pulley     and     gear     cover     in     accordance     with paragraph 1-24. 3-46

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