Quantcast FLYWHEEL HOUSING REPLACEMENT - TM-10-3930-664-24_544
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TM 10-3930-664-24 3-10. FLYWHEEL HOUSING REPLACEMENT This task covers: Housing Bore Check, Housing Face Alignment Check, Removal, Cleaning, Inspection, and Installation INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Test Equipment: Equipment Condition: General Mechanics Tool Kit (1, App.  E) Flywheel and rear seal removed Dial Indicator Set (17, App.  E) (para.  3-9) Soft Head Hammer (23, App.  E) Materials / Parts: Sealant (29, App.  C) Rear Cover Gasket, Item 12 (1 ea.) O-Ring, Item 10 (1 ea.) A. FLYWHEEL HOUSING BORE CHECK 1. Attach  dial  indicator  to  crankshaft  as  shown  in figure.  Indicator extension bar must be rigid for accurate readings.  If  the  extension  bar  sags  or the indicator slips, readings will not be accurate. 2. Move  dial  indicator  to  6  o’clock  position.  Adjust dial until needle points to zero. 3. Slowly  rotate  crankshaft.   Record  dial readings at 9, 12, and 3 o’clock positions. NOTE Dial  readings  at  9,  12,  and  3  o’clock positions may be positive or negative. 4. Continue  to  rotate  crankshaft  until  dial  indicator is   at   6   o’clock   position.      Check   indicator   to ensure needle points to zero. 5. Rotate   crankshaft   until   dial   indicator   is   at   12 o’clock position.  Adjust dial until needle points to zero. 3-39

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