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TM 10-3930-664-24 CAUTION Equipment operation is allowable with minor leakage (Class I or II).  Of course, consideration must be given to the fluid capacity in the item / system being checked / inspected.  When operating with Class I or II leaks, continue to check fluid level as required on your PMCS. NOTE Change  the  interval  if  your  lubrication  /  elements  are  contaminated  or  if  you  are  operating  the equipment under adverse operating conditions, including longer-than-usual operating hours. 2-9. PMCS COLUMN DESCRIPTION. a. Item No. Column.  The number used to identify sequence of checks and services. This column shall be used as  a  source  of  item  numbers  for  the  TM  Number  Column  on  DA  Form  2404,  Equipment  Inspection  and  Maintenance Worksheet, when recording results of PMCS. b. Interval Column.  Indicates the time interval upon which the checks and services must be performed. c. Item to Be Checked or Serviced Column.  Indicates item and components to be inspected. d. Procedure Column.  Indicates the procedure by which the check or service is to be performed.  Tolerances, adjustment  limits,  and  instrument  readings  are  included  as  applicable.    When  replacement  or  repair  of  a  component  is required, the procedures column will direct personnel to the appropriate task. e. Not Fully Mission Capable If Column.  Explains when the forklift is not capable of safe operation. 2-10. GENERAL PMCS PROCEDURES. a. When   performing   PMCS   procedures,   ensure   that   all   components   are   correctly   assembled,   secured, serviceable, adequately lubricated, and free from excessive wear or leaks. b. When  the  PMCS  procedure  calls  for  cleaning,  use  the  guidelines  found  in  the  appropriate  task.    Even  if  a procedure does not specify cleaning, be aware of any buildup of dirt, grease, oil, or debris.  Clean any such buildup before returning the component to service. Section IV.  SPECIAL LUBRICATION INSTRUCTIONS 2-11. SPECIAL LUBRICATION INSTRUCTIONS. There are no requirements for special lubrication at the unit level.  All lubrication instructions and procedures are contained in the Lubrication Order, LO 10-3930-664-12. 2-5

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