Quantcast INSPECTION - TM-10-3930-664-24_539
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TM 10-3930-664-24 C. INSPECTION 1. Inspect   cylinder   head   and   related components in accordance with paragraph 1-24. 2. Inspect coolant passages for blockage.  A large build up of rust and lime will require removal of cylinder block for cleaning in a hot tank. 3. Inspect cylinder bores for damage and excessive wear.  Manually rotate crankshaft so that the piston for bore being inspected is at bottom of bore. 4. Measure cylinder bores as follows (refer to figure): a. Maximum bore I.D.  shall be 4.0203 in. (102.116 mm). b. Out  of  round  shall  not  exceed  .0015  in.  (.038 mm). c. Taper shall not exceed .003 in.  (.076 mm). 5. Check top surface of cylinder block for damage caused by leaking cylinder head gasket. 6. Check top surface of cylinder block for flatness between  cylinders.    Variance  shall  not  exceed  .002 in.  (.050 mm). 7. Do   not  proceed   with   cylinder   head replacement if crankcase is damaged or tolerances in steps 4 and 6 are not met. Remove engine from service and send to depot maintenance shop for overhaul. D. INSTALLATION 1. Mate new gasket (5) to engine cylinder block (2).    Ensure  gasket  fits  properly  over cylinder block dowels. 2. Carefully install cylinder head (1) onto dowels. 3. Lubricate threads of screws (3, 4) with oil. Install four screws (3) and ten screws (4) to secure  cylinder   head  (1).   Hand  tighten screws. 3-34

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