Quantcast INSTALLATION (cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_529
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TM 103930-664-24 WARNING To   avoid   personal   injury,   use   a   hoist   and   get   help   when   lifting   the   assembled   engine   and transmission.  Be sure all chains, hooks, etc.  are in good condition and are of correct capacity. Be sure hooks are positioned correctly.  Always use a spreader bar when necessary.  The lifting hooks must not be side loaded. WARNING Rear lifting hook on engine must not be used to lift the assembly engine and transmission.  Use of the rear lifting hook can result in injury to personnel and damage to the engine or transmission. 14.  Attach lifting chain to each side of engine flywheel housing (88) as follows: a. Install 1/2 inch washers (89) onto two 12mm x 3.0 bolts (90).  Insert bolts through chain links of lifting chain. b. Install  one  bolt  (90)  into  hole  nearest  transmission  on  each  side  of  flywheel  housing  (88),  as  shown  in  figure. Thread bolts a minimum of one inch. c. Attach lifting chain to hoist using shackles. 15.  Connect lifting chain to front lifting bracket (91).  Attach chain to hoist using shackle. 16.  Adjust length of lifting chains so that transmission and engine will remain level while lifting. 17.  Raise hoist to take up slack in chains.  Readjust chains as required. 18.  If replacement is required, install new rubber mounts (98).  Position washers (95) onto mounts. 19.  Lift assembled engine and transmission (92) and move into position for installation onto forklift chassis (78).  Position so that mounts align with mounting brackets on chassis. 20.  Mate assembled engine and transmission (92) to forklift chassis (78).  Secure using screws (93), washers (94), washers (96), and nuts (97).  Torque nuts to 150 ft-lbs (201 Nm).  Remove lifting chains. 21.  Fill center holes on flywheel housing (used for lifting assembled engine and transmission) with silicone sealant.  Use sealant sparingly to form a plug no more than 1/2 inch long. 22.  Attach cover frame assembly (77) to forklift chassis (78) using three screws (79), three nuts (80), screw (81), washers (82), and nut (83).  Screw (81), washer (82), and nut (83) go into top hole on left side of fame and secure ground cable. 3-24

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