Quantcast REMOVAL (cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_523
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TM 10-3930-664-24 33. During  removal  of  transmission  (100)  from  engine  (101),  support  transmission  with  a  lifting  chain  and  hoist. Attach lifting chain to sides of transmission as follows: a. Remove  bottom  screw  (102)  from  right  transmission  mount  and  left  screw  (103)    from  left  transmission mount. b. Install  1/2  inch  washers  (104)  onto  two  12mm  x  3.0  bolts  (105).      Insert  bolts  through  chain  links  of  lifting chain. c. Install bolts (105) into holes on transmission mounts where screws (102, 103) were removed.   Thread bolts a minimum of one inch. d. Attach lifting chain to hoist using shackles. 34. Attach lifting chain to top of transmission (100) as follows: a. Install  1/2  inch  washer  (106)  onto  12mm  x  3.0  bolt  (107).      Insert  bolt  through  chain  link  of  lifting  chain. Install nut (108) onto bolt. b. Install bolt (107) into hole at top of transmission (100), to the right of the oil filter.   Thread bolt completely into hole then tighten nut (108). c. Attach lifting chain to hoist using shackle. 35. Raise hoist to take up slack in chains.   Readjust chains as required. 36. Tag and disconnect supply hose (109) and return hose (110) from park brake and differential lock solenoid valve (65). 37. Tag   and   disconnect   two   wires   (111,   112)   from   back-up   alarm   switch   (113)   and   orange   wire   (114)   from transmission temperature sender (115).   Tag and disconnect four plugs (116) from transmission solenoids (117). Tag and disconnect ground wire (125) by removing screw (126). 38. Remove  crankcase  breather  hose  (118)  from  bracket  (119).        Remove  access  cover    (120)  and  bracket  by removing screws (121). 39. Locate  access  hole  in  flywheel  housing.      Manually  rotate  engine  flywheel  by  turning  crankshaft  pulley  until  first drive plate mounting screw (122) is visible.   Remove screw. 40. Rotate  flywheel  and  remove  remaining  seven  screws  (122)  to  separate  engine  flywheel  from  transmission  drive plates (123). WARNING Transmission  is  heavy  and  awkward.      Enlist  the  help  of  two  aides  when  removing  to  prevent  injury  to personnel and damage to components.   Transmission must be held in place until all attaching screws are removed. 41. Remove transmission (100) from engine (101) by removing eleven screws (124).   Move transmission to a suitable work area for further maintenance.   Support front edge of torque converter housing with wooden blocks stack to approximately 9 inches. Remove lifting chains. 3-18

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