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TM 10-3930-664-24 Section III.  UNIT PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS AND SERVICES (PMCS) 2-6. SCOPE. a. This section lists preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) required for the forklift and authorized for unit maintenance.  The purpose of PMCS is to ensure that the forklift is properly inspected for defects before serious damage, equipment failure, or injury to personnel occurs. b. The contents of the PMCS tables are based upon the principles of reliability centered maintenance (RCM). All deficiencies shall be recorded along with the corrective action taken on the applicable form at the earliest opportunity. 2-7. GENERAL. a. To  make  sure  that  the  forklift  is  ready  for  operation  at  all  times,  inspect  it  systematically  so  that  you  can discover  any  defects  and  have  them  corrected  before  they  result  in  serious  damage  or  failure.    Table  2-1  contains  unit PMCS.    The  item  numbers  indicate  the  sequence  of  minimum  inspection  requirements.    Shutdown  the  forklift  if  a malfunction should occur to prevent further damage of the equipment. b. Record all deficiencies, along with the corrective action taken, on DA Form 2404.  The item Number column is the source for the numbers used on the TM Number column on DA Form 2404. c. The item number of the table indicates the sequence of PMCS.  Perform at intervals shown below: (1) Do (Q) PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE quarterly (every three months). (2) Do (S) PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE semiannually (every six months). (3) Do (A) PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE annually (once every year). d. If  a  component  does  not  work,  troubleshoot  in  accordance  with  the  instructions  in  this  manual  or  notify  a supervisor. e. Always do preventive maintenance in the same order to establish a regular routine for spotting defects. f. Items requiring repair beyond the ability of the unit level must be reported on DA Form 2404. WARNING Dry cleaning solvent P-D-680 is toxic and flammable.  Wear protective goggles and gloves and use in a well ventilated area.  Avoid contact  with  skin,  eyes,  and  clothes  and  do  not  breathe  vapors. Do not use near open flame or excessive heat.  The flash point is +100 to 138°F (+38 to 50°C).  If you  become  dizzy  while  using  the  solvent,  get  fresh  air  immediately  and  get  medical  aid.    If contact with eyes is made, wash your eyes with water and get medical aid immediately. 2-3

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