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TM 10-3930-664-24 CHAPTER 3 DIRECT SUPPORT MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Paragraph Title Page Number Number 3-1 Common Tools and Equipment 3-1 3-2 Special Tools and Equipment 3-1 3-3 Repair Parts 3-1 3-4 General, Direct Support Troubleshooting 3-1 3-5 Troubleshooting 3-2 Sections Direct Support Level Maintenance Tasks 3-8 HI - XV Section I.   REPAIR PARTS; SPECIAL TOOLS; TEST, MEASUREMENT, AND DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT (TMDE); AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT 3-1. COMMON TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT. For authorized common tools and equipment refer to the Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE), or CTA 50-970, as applicable to your unit. 3-2. SPECIAL TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT. Refer  to  the  Maintenance  Allocation  Chart  (Appendix  B)  and  TM  10-3930-664-  24P  for  identity  and  authorization  of  any special tools or equipment required for unit maintenance. 3-3. REPAIR PARTS. Repair  parts  are  listed  and  illustrated  the  repair  parts  and  special  tools  list,  TM  10-3930-664-24P,  covering  unit,  direct support, and general support maintenance of the forklift. Section II.   DIRECT SUPPORT TROUBLESHOOTING 3-4. GENERAL. a. This  section  contains  troubleshooting  information  for  identifying  and  correcting  malfunctions  which  may  develop during forklift operation.   Each malfunction or trouble symptom is addressed and is followed by a series of inspections or tests necessary to determine the probable cause and corrective action. 3-1

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