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TM 10-3930-664-24 2-161.  LIFT CYLINDER REPLACEMENT This task covers: Removal, Cleaning, Inspection, and Installation INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Test Equipment: Personnel Required: General Mechanics Tool Kit (1, App.  E) 2 Personnel Jack Stand (8, App.  E) Sling (4, App.  E) Drain Pan (10, App.  E) Materials / Parts: References: O-Ring, Item 7 (1 ea.) LO 10-3930-664-12 O-Ring, Item 27 (2 ea.) TM 10-3930-664-10 O-Ring, Item 30 (2 ea.) A.  REMOVAL 1. Shift  carriage  all  the  way  left  to  allow  access  to freelift cylinder. 2. Lower  sideshift  carrier  (1)  until  it  rests  on  the ground.    While  operating  in  the  "Lower"  mode, have an assistant push down on the freelift chain roller (2) until cylinder rod has retracted approximately 2 more inches. NOTE Place drain pan beneath hoses and tubing when disconnecting to catch fluids. 3. Tag and disconnect tubing (3) from elbow (4). 4. Remove   elbow   (4)   and   fitting   (5)   from   freelift cylinder (6).  Remove and discard O-ring (7). 2-440

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