Quantcast REMOVAL - TM-10-3930-664-24_471
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TM 10-3930-664-24 WARNING Do not attempt to remove main lift or free   lift   chains   with   carriage   raised and   blocked.      Serious   injury   could occur. 3. TAG  AND  DISCONNECT  HOSE  ASSEMBLIES  (1, 2)   AND   TUBING   (3)   FROM   ROTATE   CYLINDER AND SPINE MANIFOLD.  REMOVE FITTINGS. a. Tag and disconnect hose assemblies (1, 2) from elbows (4, 5).  Remove elbows (4, 5) from rotate cylinder (6).  Remove and discard O-rings (7). b. Tag and disconnect hose assemblies (1, 2) from adapters  (8).    Remove  adapters  (8)  from  spine manifold (9).  Remove and discard O-rings (10). c. Tag   and   disconnect   tubing   (3)   from   adapters (11,   12).      Remove   adapters   (11)   from   spine manifold (9). d. Tag  and  disconnect  hose  assemblies  (13)  from adapters  (12).    Remove  adapters  from  bracket on  spine  assembly  by  removing  attaching  nuts. Remove and discard O-rings (14). 4. REMOVE  LEFT  SPLASH  GUARD  BY  REMOVING ATTACHING PARTS. 5. TAG AND DISCONNECT HOSE ASSEMBLIES (13) FROM     ROTATE     MANIFOLD     (15). REMOVE FITTINGS. a. Disconnect elbow (16) from fitting (17). b. Tag  and  disconnect  hose  assemblies  (13)  from elbows (16, 18). c. Remove  elbows  (16,  18)  and  fitting   (17)   from rotate manifold (15). d. Remove  power  track (19) with hose assemblies (13) from  sideshift  assembly.    Carefully  feed hose assemblies through power track. 2-422

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