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TM 10-3930-664-24 E.  CHAIN ADJUSTMENT 1.  Raise sideshift carrier (25) until freelift cylinder is fully extended.      Ensure   that   rail   assembly      does      not raise.        Support        mast    assembly    during    chain adjustment. 2. Measure  gap  between  underside  of  the  top  cross member  of  inner  rail  (26)  and  stops  (27)  on  top  of sideshift carrier rails.  Gap shall be 0.0625  inch.  If required,  adjust  freelift chain (3) as follows: a. Disconnect    two    hose    assemblies    (28)  from intermediate    rail    manifold    (29).        Cap    hose assemblies and remove two adapters (30). b. If  gap  is  less  than  0.0625  inch,  lengthen  freelift chain  (3)  by  loosening  nuts  (6)  and  turning  nut (5) to the left until correct gap is achieved. c. If  gap    is  greater    that    0.0625    inch,  shorten freelift chain (3) by loosening nuts (6) and turning nut (5) to the right until correct gap is achieved. d. Check to make sure that stops (27) do not touch inner rail.  Tighten nuts (6). e. Install   two   adapters   (30)   into   intermediate   rail manifold   (29).      Connect   two   hose   assemblies (28) to adapters. 3. Lower sideshift carrier (25) and remove support from mast. 4. Lower  mainlift  cylinder::  until  cylinder  rods  are  fully collapsed. 2-416

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