Quantcast Inspection  Criteria.
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TM 10-3930-664-24 (4) Always  clean  parts  before  inspecting  them.    Ensure  all  dirt,  grit,  grease,  and  other  accumulations  are removed from parts to enable a proper inspection. WARNING Compressed air used for cleaning purposes shall not exceed 30 psi.  Use only with effective chip guarding   and   personnel   protective   equipment   (goggles/shield,   gloves,   etc.).      Do   not   direct airstream towards self or other personnel. (5) Dry parts with lint free cloths.  Use compressed air when specified. (6) Use a wire brush, tap or die to clean rust, accumulated dirt, sealant and paint form bolts, screws, nuts and threaded holes. (7) After cleaning, protect all parts from dust and dirt. (8) Keep work area floors and workbenches clean and dry.  Clean as you go to prevent accidents. (9) Dispose of oily rags in specified containers to prevent fire hazard. (10)   Keep the vehicle clean.  Oil, grease and debris may hide a serious problem. (11)   Clean all new parts before installation. c. Inspection  Criteria.    Proper  inspection  of  parts  and  operating  equipment  prevents  small  problems  from becoming major problems.  Equipment defects can be discovered by performing PMCS at both crew and organizational levels.  Perform detailed inspection any time a component is disassembled. (1) Visually  check  for  any  of  the  following  problems:  broken  welds,  loose  fasteners,  damaged  threads, bending, cracking, deformity, nicks, cuts, scratches, gouges, distortion, blockage or inoperability. (2) Check for evidence of excessive or uneven wear. (3) Inspect all new parts for defects before installation. (4) Routinely check hoses, lines and fittings for leaks. d. General Repair Practices.  The following are general repair practices to follow. To prevent further damage to components, take corrective action promptly.  Be sure to follow all warnings, cautions and notes. (1) Discard broken and non-reusable parts. (2) Paint exposed  metal  to  protect  from  rust.    Do  not  paint  electrical  harnesses,  wiring,  hoses  or  finished machine parts. (3) Perform all lubrication and PMCS on schedule. 1-37

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