Quantcast CLEANING - TM-10-3930-664-24_450
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TM 103930-64-24 6. SIDESHIFT     ROTATE     CARRIAGE     TO     THE RIGHT  TO  GAIN  ACCESS  TO  THE  ROTATE MANIFOLD. 7. DISCONNECT   HOSE   ASSEMBLIES   (44,   69) FROM   ROTATE   MANIFOLD   (68).      REMOVE ROTATE MANIFOLD AND FITTINGS. a. Disconnect elbow (70) from adapter (72). b. Remove rotate manifold (68) from sideshift  carrier  by  removing  screws  (73) and washers (74). c. Tag and disconnect hose assemblies (44) from   adapters   (67).      Remove   adapters from rotate manifold (68). d. Tag and disconnect hose assemblies (69) from   elbows   (70,   71).      Remove   elbows and adapter (72) from rotate manifold (68). B.  CLEANING Clean   mast   assembly   manifolds   in   accordance    with paragraph 1-24. C.  INSPECTION Inspect manifolds and related components in accordance with paragraph 1-24. D.  INSTALLATION 1. INSTALL ROTATE MANIFOLD (68). a. Install   adapter   (72)   and   elbow   (71)   into rotate manifold (68). b. Connect    inner    hose    assembly    (69)    to elbow         (70).         Connect         outer      hose assembly (69) to elbow (71). c. Apply    permanent    loctite    to    threads    of screws  (73).    Install  rotate  manifold  (68) onto   sideshift   carrier   using   screws   and washers (74). d. Install elbow (70) onto adapter (72). 2. INSTALL ADAPTERS (67) INTO ROTATE MANIFOLD            (68).            CONNECT            HOSE ASSEMBLIES (44). 2-401

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