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TM 10-3930-664-24 (e) Make  sure  that  hoist  or  hydraulic  floor  jack  has  sufficient  capacity  to  do  the  job  and  provide  an ample  safety  margin.    Be  sure  all  chains,  hooks,  slings,  etc.    are  in  good  condition  and  are  of correct  capacity.    Be  sure  hooks  are  positioned  correctly.    Always  use  a  spreader  bar  when necessary.  The lifting hooks must not be side loaded. (8) PREVENT  ACCIDENTAL  MOVEMENT.    Never  leave  forklift  unattended  while  the  engine  is  running. Observe all pre-conditions before performing maintenance. (9) USE STURDY SUPPORTS.  Do not climb on tires.  Use mounted steps and ladders when climbing onto forklift.    If  needed,  use  a  sturdy  stepladder  to  perform  maintenance  on  equipment  not  safely  within reach. c. Vehicle  Precautions.    Observe  all  cautions  listed  in  this  manual.    The  word  CAUTION  appears  in  this manual to alert you to conditions that could cause damage to the forklift and its components.  Cautions are listed before the procedure to which they apply.  Other general vehicle precautions include: (1) During service maintenance turn master disconnect switch off to prevent damage to the electrical system. (2) Disconnect battery ground when required. (3) Use a hoist or hydraulic floor jack of sufficient capacity to remove and support heavy items. 1-23. DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY PROCEDURES. a. Condition  of  Vehicle.    Before  performing  any  maintenance  task  make  sure  that  the  following  conditions have been observed, unless otherwise specified. (1) Forks must be lowered to the ground. (2) Forklift must be parked on level ground. (3) Parking brake must be applied. (4) Transmission must be in neutral and locked. (5) Engine must be shut off. (6) Master disconnect switch must be off. (7) Components must be at operating temperature to be tested. (8) Air system must be vented. b. Disassembly  and  Assembly  Procedures.    Follow  these  general  practices  when  performing  disassembly and assembly procedures: (1) Read  the  procedure  and  thoroughly  understand  it  before  performing  maintenance  or  repair.    Be  alert during procedure. 1-35

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