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TM 10-3930-664-24 2-145.  HEATER ASSEMBLY REPLACEMENT (MODEL MHE-271 ONLY) This task covers: Removal, Cleaning, Inspection, and Installation INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Test Equipment: Equipment Condition: General Mechanics Tool Kit (1, App.  E)   Batteries disconnected (para.  2-78) Drain Pan (10, App.  E) A.  REMOVAL WARNING Electrical    shock    hazard.        Disconnect battery   ground   cable   or   power   source prior to working on electrical components.    Failure   to   heed   warning could  cause  shock,  injury  or  death.    If electrical  shock  occurs,  administer  first aid and seek medical assistance immediately. WARNING Do not remove heater hoses when engine is hot.  Hot water could flow out and burn you. 1 Tag and disconnect electrical wiring from heater assembly (1). 2 Close  heater  shutoff  valve  (2)  by  turning  valve handle. 3 Place   container   beneath   heater   hoses   during removal to catch residual fluids. 4 Tag   and   disconnect   hoses   (3,   5)   from   heater assembly (1) by loosening clamps (4, 6). 5 Remove   heater   assembly   (1)   from   right   side panel by removing screws (7) and nuts (8). 2-384

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