Quantcast INSTALLATION - TM-10-3930-664-24_393
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TM 10-3930-664-24 D.  INSTALLATION NOTE Enlist  the  help  of  an  assistant  to  hold hood and stabilize during installation. 1. Install sling through radiator cap access port and around front edge on top of hood.  Attach sling to hoist  and  take  up  slack.  Use  blocks  to  secure front of hood during component installation. 2. If   removed,   install   ball   studs   (11)   on   chassis brackets using nuts (12). 3. Lift  hood  assembly  (2)  and  position  on  forklift chassis. 4. Secure   hood   assembly   (2)   to   rear   of   chassis using screws (7) and new locknuts (8). 5. Install  gas  springs  (9)  onto  studs  (11)  a  secure using retainers (10). 6. Attach    safety    lanyards    (6)    using    screws    (3) washers (4), and new locknuts (5). 7. Remove sling and hoist. 8. Close  hood  assembly  (2).    Ensure  handle   (1) fully engaged. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Raise towbar and lock in position (para. 2-126) END OF TASK 2-344

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