Quantcast Figure 1-9.  Engine Lubricating System Components
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TM 10-3930-664-24 Figure 1-9.  Engine Lubricating System Components t. The  engine’s  main  bearings  and  valve  train  are  lubricated  by  pressurized  oil  directly  from  the  main  oil  rifle (Figure 1-10).  Other power components, connecting rods, pistons, and camshaft receive pressurized oil indirectly from the main oil rifle. u. Drillings in the crankshaft supply oil to the connecting rod bearings.  Oil is supplied to the camshaft journals through drillings in the main bearing saddle.  Smaller drillings in the main bearing saddle supply oil to the piston cooling nozzles.  The spray from the nozzles also provides lubrication for the piston pins. v. Lubrication for the valve train is supplied through separate drillings in the cylinder block.  Oil flows through the drillings and across the oil transfer slot in the cylinder head gasket.  From the transfer slot, the oil flows around the outsi de diameter at the cylinder head capscrew, across a slot in the bottom of the rocker lever support, and up a vertical drilling in the support.  From these drillings, oil flows through drillings in the rocker lever shaft to lubricate the rocker levers.  Oil  flows through a drilling in the rocker levers to fill a channel cast into the top of the levers.  The oil from the channel lubricates the valve stems, push rods and tappets. w. Transmission.  The forklift transmission (Figure 1-11) is driven directly by the engine.  It multiplies the power from the engine and, through internal clutches and gears, provides power to drive the wheels. x. Operation of the transmission is controlled by a Speed Range and Direction Selector mounted in the driver’s compartment.  The selector allows the operator to choose travel in either the forward of reverse direction.  Three speeds are available in each direction. 1-28

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